Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sahir Lodhi to host a brand new morning show “Dus Tak Kay Baad With Sahir” for Geo Entertainment

Sahir Lodhi is to host a new morning show on Geo Entertainment, though actual content of the show is still a suspense but as per the initial info given the show shall create sensation it will cover variety of untouched topics, soul stirring real stories of real people in real situations, the show shall be a refreshing treat for everyone….Stylist Nabeela will help you in enhancing your looks, renowned Photographer Munna will give you tips on how you can look the best in your photo shoot, cooking with fun on beautiful locations, Hakim Agha Sahib’s health tips, stay fit n’ fine to enjoy every bit of life exercise segment and much much more!

Sahir’s shows have always been high on entertainment value and generate great impact on people, this time project “Das Tak Kay Baad With Sahir” will surely break the clutter and would create a different environment on TV!
A start date for “Das Tak Kay Baad With Sahir” has been announced as 11th of June 2012 and the air time of the show shall be 11:00AM-1:00PM

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